Robert M Pacey


CTV Morning News
Interview with Ann Luu
April 8, 2015

Luna on CTV Morning News

Vancity Buzz
March 25, 2015
A Fine Balance: “Luna on Chairs” helps fight cancer
March 20, 2015
Dog Attempts to Fight Cancer by Standing on Things

Huffington Post
Rhianna Schmunk
March 17, 2015
#LunaOnChairs helps conquer cancer, melts our hearts all at once

Julie Klegman
March 16, 2015
This Guy Is Taking Goofy Photos Of His Dog Posing On Chairs To Raise Money For Cancer Research

CKNW Radio
Interview with Jill Bennet
March 15, 2015
(Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Forbz for the recording:)

Vancouver Sun
Matt Robinson
March 14, 2015
Vancouver photographer brings laughter to cancer patients with “Luna on Chairs” series

Vancouver is Awesome
October 30, 2014
25 of the cutest dogs in Vancouver

Vancouver is Awesome
October 2, 2014
In case you were wondering, this person is still blogging about their dog standing on chairs in Vancouver alleys

Critter Files
Peg Fong
Luna on Chairs. A Tumblr on all the chairs Luna finds

Vancouver is Awesome
June 25, 2014
This might be the best new blog in Vancouver